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Kaiser on Interpolations to Isaiah

I finished Otto Kaiser’s commentary from the 1960’s on Isaiah 1-12.  My goal in this post is to address a question: Why does Kaiser attribute certain passages in the Book of Isaiah to Isaiah, but other passages to a later … Continue reading

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Problems and Hope Before the Exile; Water

1.  In my reading today of Randall Heskett’s Messianism Within the Scriptural Scrolls of Isaiah, the following passage on page 47 stood out to me: [Jacques] Vermeylen suggests that Isaiah 11:1-5, which depends upon the preceding oracles, comes from the … Continue reading

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Comps: Mishnah for the Future?

Source: Ben Zion Wacholder, Messianism and Mishnah: Time and Place in the Early Halakhah (Hebrew Union College, 1978). Wacholder’s thesis seems to be that many of the Mishnah’s laws were intended for the Messianic period, when the temple will be … Continue reading

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Eschatological Inclusivism

Does God depend entirely upon Christians to accomplish his work? This question enters my mind a lot when I think about witnessing. When I was at Harvard, I was reading the Book of Isaiah for my weekly quiet time. Isaiah … Continue reading

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Alister McGrath on Religious Pluralism

I finished More Than One Way? last night, while I was watching my Moses marathon. Today, I will touch on Alister McGrath’s essay. McGrath basically argues that the religions are different, so we can’t affirm that they’re all saying the … Continue reading

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Joel 3: Where Is the Justice?

In M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water, Cleveland Heap wonders why this dog-like creature called a “scrunt” is getting away with murder. The scrunt is trying to prevent the sea-nymph Story from returning to her own world. He’s a … Continue reading

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