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Post-Mortem Salvation, Mercy for the Righteous, Elihu

I’m continuing my way through Justification and Variegated Nomism, Volume 1: The Complexities of Second Temple Judaism.  I have three items: 1.  Richard Bauckham talks about the Apocalypse of Zephaniah, which could date anywhere from the first century B.C.E.-the first … Continue reading

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IV Ezra, Fishbane

Source: Michael E. Stone, “Apocalyptic Literature,” Jewish Writings of the Second Temple Period, ed. Michael E. Stone (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1984) 428-429. “Classic in this connection is 4 Ezra 14 claiming Mosaic authority, indeed authority beyond that of Moses, for the … Continue reading

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The Temporary Rule of the Messiah

In Revelation 20:2-7, we read about Christ ruling the earth for a thousand years right after his return. Following the millennium, Satan is cast into the Lake of Fire, the dead are judged, and a new heaven and new earth … Continue reading

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