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I was watching the movie Prayers for Bobby yesterday.  It’s about a Christian fundamentalist mom, Mary Griffith (played by Sigourney Weaver), whose son was gay and committed suicide. After her son’s death, Mary visits the local Metropolitan Community Church, which … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Homosexuality and Civilization

Louis Crompton.  Homosexuality and Civilization.  The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2003. I learned of this book from Kevin Brown’s Diglotting blog.  Kevin was discussing his summer reading plans, and he said the following about Crompton’s Homosexuality and Civilization: … Continue reading

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James White and Barry Lynn Debate about Homosexuality and Christianity

Yesterday, I was watching a debate between Christian apologist James White and Barry Lynn, a lawyer, United Church of Christ pastor, and Executive Director of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State.  The debate addressed the question, “Is … Continue reading

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Comments on the Phil Robertson Controversy

I’d like to offer my brief comments on the Phil Robertson controversy.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here and here. I don’t think that Phil Robertson is a bad guy.  He prayed for a woman with … Continue reading

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Bullies (an Episode of The Newsroom)

I’ve been watching the first season of The Newsroom.  It is on HBO, and it was created and is largely written by Aaron Sorkin, who gave us The West Wing.  The Newsroom is about a news program, which is anchored … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Exodus International, Reparative Therapy, etc.

I read an interesting article yesterday in Christianity Today about the demise of Exodus International, an evangelical group that tried to help homosexuals to overcome their homosexuality.  The authors had been involved in Exodus International.  One of the authors, Christopher … Continue reading

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Psalm 119: Yod

For my weekly quiet time today, I will blog about Psalm 119: Yod.  I will post it in the King James Version (which is in the public domain), then I will comment on select verses. 73 JOD. Thy hands have … Continue reading

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