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Father’s Day 2009

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, but I’ll be doing my “Top 10 TV Dads” today. (Actually, it’s 11, but I combined two of them, since I admire them for the same reason). 1. Ed Conner (Roseanne) and Martin Crane (Frasier): Both … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Spoilers Included

I just came back from Star Trek. It’s definitely a must-see on the big screen, and I just can’t get the soundtrack out of my head! The movie had some discontinuity with the original series, and a lot of that … Continue reading

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Heroes: What’s the Company’s Agenda?

I’m still going through Season 1 of Heroes, and I plan to watch the last episode of the season today. What I don’t understand is this: You know that Company that Mr. Bennett (a.k.a., “horn-rimmed glasses”) used to work for, … Continue reading

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Heroes: Bitter and Jaded Misanthropes

I’m still watching Season 1 of Heroes, and I’ve noticed a tension that crops up now and again. It’s between being jaded and bitter in isolation, and loving and being loved within a community. Peter Petrelli has encountered a bitter … Continue reading

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Heroes So Far

I’ve been watching Season 1 of Heroes, and I think I’m falling in love with the series! What’s ironic is that I didn’t like it the very first time that I saw it, when it was first on NBC. So … Continue reading

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