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The Testament of Abraham: Salvation and Answered Prayer

I recently read the Testament of Abraham for my daily quiet time.  The Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha dates it to the first-second centuries C.E.  E.P. Sanders, in his editorial introduction to the work, argues that it has an Egyptian Jewish background. In … Continue reading

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Genesis 3:3: Neither Shall Ye Touch the Fruit

I am reading the Sibylline Oracles in my Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha.  The Sibylline Oracles were female prophetesses at various points in history, and Jews and Christians produced editions of their prophecies.  I am currently reading Book 1 of the Sibylline Oracles, … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Seed and Generosity

I went to the second session of my church’s Bible study.  We’re going through The Unbreakable Promise: God’s Covenants with Abraham, Moses, and David With Michael Rydelnik.  I have two items: Abraham’s seed, and generosity being motivated by faith that … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: A Walk in the Garden

Paul Morris and Deborah Sawyer, ed.  A Walk in the Garden: Biblical, Iconographical and Literary Images of Eden.  England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1992. A Walk in the Garden contains seventeen contributions by scholars about the Garden of Eden story in … Continue reading

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Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon 18

I have two items for my blog post today about Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician.  The context is the 1952 race for the Republican nomination for President.  It has been alleged that Richard Nixon, … Continue reading

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Does The Genesis Code Fudge the Bible to Make It Agree with Science?

I promised yesterday that I would write a blog post about the 2010 Christian movie, The Genesis Code, specifically the scene in which it claims that the sequence of creation in Genesis 1 matches what scientific consensus says about the … Continue reading

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The Genesis Code: Overall Review

I recently watched the Genesis Code, which is a 2010 movie.  The movie explores the question of whether science and Genesis 1 are compatible. I’m glad that I finally got to see it, for I was curious about it when … Continue reading

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Genesis 29:31-30:24 and the Clusters of Tribes in Numbers

In the Book of Numbers, certain tribes of Israel are clustered together.  We see this in Numbers 2, which places three tribes on each of the four sides of the Tabernacle.  The same clusters appear in Numbers 7, in which … Continue reading

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Jubilees, Genesis 1-2, and Leviticus 12

In Enoch and the Mosaic Torah: The Evidence of Jubilees, Lutz Doering has an essay on “Purity and Impurity in the Book of Jubilees”. Genesis 1 appears to present the first woman as being created at the same time as … Continue reading

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Completing Jacob and the Divine Trickster

I finished John Anderson’s Jacob and the Divine Trickster: A Theology of Deception and YHWH’s Fidelity to the Ancestral Promise in the Jacob Cycle. Anderson’s argument appears to be that God supported Jacob’s deception of people and Laban’s deception of … Continue reading

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