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The Testament of Abraham: Salvation and Answered Prayer

I recently read the Testament of Abraham for my daily quiet time.  The Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha dates it to the first-second centuries C.E.  E.P. Sanders, in his editorial introduction to the work, argues that it has an Egyptian Jewish background. In … Continue reading

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Genesis 3:3: Neither Shall Ye Touch the Fruit

I am reading the Sibylline Oracles in my Charlesworth Pseudepigrapha.  The Sibylline Oracles were female prophetesses at various points in history, and Jews and Christians produced editions of their prophecies.  I am currently reading Book 1 of the Sibylline Oracles, … Continue reading

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Abraham’s Seed and Generosity

I went to the second session of my church’s Bible study.  We’re going through The Unbreakable Promise: God’s Covenants with Abraham, Moses, and David With Michael Rydelnik.  I have two items: Abraham’s seed, and generosity being motivated by faith that … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: A Walk in the Garden

Paul Morris and Deborah Sawyer, ed.  A Walk in the Garden: Biblical, Iconographical and Literary Images of Eden.  England: Sheffield Academic Press, 1992. A Walk in the Garden contains seventeen contributions by scholars about the Garden of Eden story in … Continue reading

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Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon 18

I have two items for my blog post today about Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician.  The context is the 1952 race for the Republican nomination for President.  It has been alleged that Richard Nixon, … Continue reading

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Does The Genesis Code Fudge the Bible to Make It Agree with Science?

I promised yesterday that I would write a blog post about the 2010 Christian movie, The Genesis Code, specifically the scene in which it claims that the sequence of creation in Genesis 1 matches what scientific consensus says about the … Continue reading

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The Genesis Code: Overall Review

I recently watched the Genesis Code, which is a 2010 movie.  The movie explores the question of whether science and Genesis 1 are compatible. I’m glad that I finally got to see it, for I was curious about it when … Continue reading

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