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FSE: Will Indiana Go Blue?

The Indianapolis Star has a front-paged story entitled “War, Economy Have Red State Thinking Blue.” The article is about a recent poll that shows Hoosiers’ dissatisfaction with President Bush and their willingness to support a Democratic ticket with Evan Bayh … Continue reading

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FSE: Thanksgiving 2007

Well, today is Thanksgiving, and I try to write about holidays whenever they come. So what are my thoughts and musings about Thanksgiving today? At the moment, what comes to my mind are things I’ve done for Thanksgiving in the … Continue reading

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FSE: The Biggest Loser

This is a free style entry. What is that? Well, whenever I go home to my dad’s in Indiana, I have to put up with a slow, dial-up Internet. Ordinarily, when I am in my Ohio apartment, I try to … Continue reading

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