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FSE: Knowing

Yesterday, I saw Knowing, which starred Nicholas Cage. Knowing is a science fiction movie. At its beginning, we’re in the 1950’s, and we meet an odd little girl named Lucinda, whose special idea is selected by her school. Her idea … Continue reading

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FSE: Smoke Monster, Joan Actors

Last night, I watched Lost, Criminal Mind, and the new ABC series, The Unusuals. 1. Last night’s lost was about the judgment of Ben Linus, who had some humanity within him when he refused to kill Alex Rousseau. Over the … Continue reading

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FSE: John 14-17

I celebrated the Lord’s supper yesterday, the night before Passover. Within Armstrongite circles, there is a tradition that we read John 14-17 during the Lord’s supper. I’m not an Armstrongite anymore, but I like to read these chapters every year, … Continue reading

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FSE: Matthew 17:24-27 and Culture

For my daily quiet time yesterday, I read Matthew 17:24-27. The passage addresses the issue of whether or not Jesus’ disciples must pay the temple tax. Jesus says “no,” since the sons of the king do not pay taxes; rather, … Continue reading

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FSE: House’s Search for Meaning

I watched House, M.D. with my dad last night. This was the first time that I had ever watched the show. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it regularly when I return to Cincinnati, but I liked that particular episode. … Continue reading

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FSE: Earth Day 2008

Today is Earth Day, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts about environmentalism, however scattered they may be. If my memory is correct, I first heard of Earth Day when I was in seventh grade. My mom and grandma owned a … Continue reading

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FSE: John Hick’s Religious Pluralism

I’m a little drowsy right now, since I’ve just eaten lunch, so please pardon any incoherence in this post. I finished Part I of More Than One Way? Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World. Part I is John … Continue reading

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