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Scattered Ramblings on Contentment and Hope

A few weeks ago, I watched the 1955 movie, A Man Called Peter, which was about Peter Marshall, a preacher and Senate chaplain.  I did not know much about Peter Marshall himself, but I enjoyed his wife Catherine’s book, Christy, … Continue reading

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Caught Up on Brothers and Sisters (Sort Of)

I technically got caught up on Brothers and Sisters today, not in the sense that I watched every single episode of Season 3, but rather in the sense that I saw enough of Season 3 to watch the first episode … Continue reading

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Mr. Rogers on Dr. Quinn

Mr. Rogers was on an episode of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.  It was entitled “Deal with the Devil.”  Mr. Rogers is on the tail end of the episode.  He plays a visiting minister, and Pastor Timothy Johnson’s superior.  Mr. Rogers … Continue reading

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