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James Garner

Actor James Garner has passed on.  Back when I was a child, I would watch Maverick and The Rockford Files with my family.  I’ve also seen some of his movies.  My personal favorite was when he played Dr. Bob in … Continue reading

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Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem has passed on.  I remember him from the show Saved by the Bell.  Also, back when I was in high school, I listened to him on the radio some Sundays, when he was doing his pop music/love song … Continue reading

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Ann Davis

I was watching the Entertainment Tonight segment about actress Ann Davis last night.  Ann Davis played the housekeeper Alice on the Brady Bunch.  She passed on a few days ago. The segment featured an old interview that ET did with … Continue reading

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Maya Angelou

When did I first hear of Maya Angelou?  It may have been when my Mom was a college student.  Her major was African-American studies.  She brought home some of Maya Angelou’s works, such as I Know Why the Caged Bird … Continue reading

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Ralph Waite

Ralph Waite, who played the dad on The Waltons, has passed on.  I was also interested to learn that he had roles on Days of Our Lives (as a priest) and Bones (as Booth’s grandfather).  And, of course, he was … Continue reading

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Philip Seymour Hoffman and Richard Bull

I would like to comment on two recent deaths: 1.  The first, of course, is the shocking death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I loved his acting.  Some of his characters I liked better than others.  I thought that his … Continue reading

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Reagan and South Africa

I was watching ABC This Week this afternoon.  (It’s on in the morning, but I tape it while I am at church, then I watch it in the afternoon.)  The topic at the beginning of the episode was Nelson Mandela, … Continue reading

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Links on Nelson Mandela

I would like to share some links about the late Nelson Mandela. 1.  This is a post that I wrote in 2007, back when I was more conservative.  Although the post contains an American right-wing perspective about South Africa, I … Continue reading

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David Frost

I learned that David Frost has passed on.  David Frost interviewed Richard Nixon in 1977, and those interviews were the subject of an excellent play and movie.  I watched the interviews on C-Span when I was a teen, and now … Continue reading

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Joe Conley (Who Played Ike Godsey on the Waltons)

I’ve been getting back into watching The Waltons.  I’m in season 1 right now. I was looking up some of the cast members, and I noticed that Joe Conley, the actor who played the storekeeper Ike Godsey, passed away a … Continue reading

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