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Valentine’s Day 2009

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, I want to post two quotes from the movie Spiderman (see here). In the first one, Peter tells his life-long crush, Mary Jane Watson, how he feels about her. In the second one, Mary Jane … Continue reading

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Unequally Yoked on Eli Stone

Many evangelicals believe that Christians shouldn’t date or marry non-Christians. They call this being “unequally yoked.” Touched by an Angel did an episode on this topic, which starred Wynonna Judd. Wynonna was a God-believer, and she was about to marry … Continue reading

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I was watching an episode of Smallville last night, “Facade,” which is from its fourth season. It’s about a girl with scabs all over her face, “Scabby Abby,” who tries to fit in at high school. She even plays the … Continue reading

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Messy Relationships

I’m trying to reach ninety posts for this month, so here we go! Maybe I’ll share some of my blues in the process. I was catching up on the Waltons yesterday, and I was reminded of how messy human relationships … Continue reading

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Lost: Season 2

I finished the second season of Lost last night, and it got me thinking about pride, relationships, faith, and true virtue. 1. Let’s first talk about pride. Charlie Pace loves Claire, who has a baby boy named Aaron. Well, Charlie … Continue reading

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Some More on Fleshly Entertainment

Last night, I watched the first hour of Love Actually. Someone recommended it to me. While there were scenes that I liked (e.g., Liam Neeson’s tender relationship with his little boy, who has a cute crush on a little girl), … Continue reading

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Dr. Dobson and the System

I’ve talked on this blog before about Doc Love, a dating guru whose advice has helped many. He has a dating technique called “The System,” which is based on three C’s: confidence, (self-) control, and challenge. For Doc, women generally … Continue reading

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Carley, Doc, Townsend, and Lucy on Dating

I said yesterday that I wouldn’t post any more Michael John Carley quotes. I lied! Or, more accurately, there’s more in his book that I want to interact with. In Asperger’s from the Inside Out, Carley offers some tips on … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2008

This won’t be the most organized post I have ever done. Plus, it will contain a lot of my whining and complaining. But it will have more than that, I can assure you. So maybe you’ll get something out of … Continue reading

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