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Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon 8

For my blog post today about Roger Morris’ Richard Milhous Nixon: The Rise of an American Politician, I’ll quote two passages, then I will comment.  The subject matter of these passages is Thelma “Pat” Ryan, who would become the wife … Continue reading

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The Don Juan Man, and the Shy Man

For my write-up today on Circle of Life: Traditional Teachings of Native American Elders, I’ll quote something that James David Audlin says on page 37.  The context is a story about a Messenger from the Creator who appears as a … Continue reading

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Ambrose’s Nixon: The Education of a Politician 1

I started Stephen Ambrose’s Nixon: The Education of a Politician, 1913-1962.  This is the first volume of Ambrose’s trilogy about Richard Nixon.  I have two items for today’s post. 1.  Richard Nixon’s father, Frank, was quite opinionated.  In my first … Continue reading

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Being Noticed

At church this morning, the sermon title was entitled “Not About You”.  In my opinion, this was the best-delivered sermon that I’ve heard my pastor give since I started attending this church about two years ago.  It wasn’t my favorite … Continue reading

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The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships 18

For my write-up today on The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships, I will quote something that Sean Barron says on pages 255-256: “My myopic view of the conversational highway kicked into overdrive when it came to dating.  Even into my … Continue reading

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Larry, Alex, and Relationships

Last night, I read Chapter 27 of Stephen King’s The Stand: The Complete and Uncut Edition.  One of the topics in that chapter was Larry Underwood’s love life.  Larry met a lady named Yvonne at a movie theater, when he … Continue reading

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Love, Loved, Salvation by Works in Dating, Etc.

Someone I know on the Free Believers Network wrote: “A friend told me that one of the things she’s looking for in a guy is that ‘he must love the Lord.’ Whereas I’m looking for a girl who knows she’s … Continue reading

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Good Dating Profile, Desolate, Method Writing, Origen’s God Is More Merciful Than the Mishnah’s, Theodotian

1.  Zosia Zaks, Life and Love: Positive Strategies for Autistic Adults, page 195: On writing your profile for an Internet dating site: Try to make a favorable impression.  If you do nothing in life but sit in front of the … Continue reading

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After my post on 500 Days of Summer, I thought more about the search for “the one,” or a “soul mate.” A lot of times, I feel American society is a moral cesspool, in which people have casual sex without … Continue reading

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500 Days of Summer

I saw 500 Days of Summer today, at the suggestion of my therapist. It’s about a guy named Tom who meets a girl named Summer. Tom buys into all this “searching for your soul mate” jazz, while Summer is more … Continue reading

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