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Ben Carson on the National Sunday Law

I probably should have written this post when Ben Carson was higher up in the polls, but this is a topic of interest to me, so I will post it. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who is running for the … Continue reading

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AP: Ben Carson Sometimes Deviates From GOP Health Care Thought Hopefully, he’ll continue being an independent thinker, rather than giving into the right wing.

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Movie Write-Up: Gifted Hands, the Ben Carson Story

Amidst all the hubbub about Dr. Ben Carson’s life story, I decided to watch the 2009 movie in which Cuba Gooding, Jr. played Dr. Carson.  The movie is based on Ben Carson’s autobiography, and it is entitled, Gifted Hands: The … Continue reading

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Robert Reich Visits the Red States

Robert Reich, a progressive who served in Bill Clinton’s cabinet, went on a tour of the red states.  Here is what he found: “But something odd happened. It turned out that many of the conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers I … Continue reading

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Yeast for the Dough

At church this morning, the pastor commented on Jesus’ Parable of the Yeast in Matthew 13:33, in light of the recent shooting.  The NIV’s rendition of the Parable states: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, and Its Response Was Not Entirely Negative!

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Would Biden Be a Formidable Candidate?

Would Joe Biden be a formidable Presidential candidate?  I have read more than one article that answers “no.”  These articles note that Biden ran for President in 1988 and 2008, and he did not do very well. There are a … Continue reading

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