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Book Write-Up (Loosely-Speaking): The Teaching of the Buddha

Teaching of the Buddha.  Tokyo: Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, 1966, 1991.  Printed by Toppan Printing Co. I got this book at the Goodwill.  It contains Buddhist sayings from various Buddhist writings. I have long known about Buddhism.  I may have first … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: The Imperfect and the Stunted

I have two items for my Church Write-Up this week. A.  Last Sunday, I visited a Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  The theme of the service was lament.  Preaching about Psalm 31:9-16, the pastor said that the Psalmist offers to God … Continue reading

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Reinventing Richard Nixon 8

I finished Daniel Frick’s Reinventing Richard Nixon: A Cultural History of an American Obsession.  In this post, I’ll use as my starting-point something that Frick says on pages 222-223: “…Dallas Boyd, who has developed a fascination with Buddhism, theosophy, astrology, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Experiences: Discipline and Quiet

On page 286 of Circle of Life: Traditional Teachings of Native American Elders, James David Audlin talks about attitudes to avoid when one wants to receive a vision: “If we decide in our own minds, ‘I am never going to … Continue reading

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Seeing the Elephant

For my write-up today on Paul Knitter’s No Other Name?  A Critical Survey of Christian Attitudes Toward the World Religions, I’ll comment on points that Knitter makes on page 221 and page 229. On page 221, Knitter states the following: … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”

I have three items for my write-up today on Chapter 7 of David Marshall’s True Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture.  This chapter is entitled “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”. 1.  On page 82, Marshall critiques the … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “The Pursuit of Happiness”

For my write-up today on David Marshall’s Jesus and the Religions of Man, I’ll blog about Chapter 8, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  But I will also bring up things that Marshall has said elsewhere in this book.  Unfortunately, I can’t … Continue reading

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