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Book Write-Up (Loosely-Speaking): The Teaching of the Buddha

Teaching of the Buddha.  Tokyo: Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, 1966, 1991.  Printed by Toppan Printing Co. I got this book at the Goodwill.  It contains Buddhist sayings from various Buddhist writings. I have long known about Buddhism.  I may have first … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: The Imperfect and the Stunted

I have two items for my Church Write-Up this week. A.  Last Sunday, I visited a Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  The theme of the service was lament.  Preaching about Psalm 31:9-16, the pastor said that the Psalmist offers to God … Continue reading

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Reinventing Richard Nixon 8

I finished Daniel Frick’s Reinventing Richard Nixon: A Cultural History of an American Obsession.  In this post, I’ll use as my starting-point something that Frick says on pages 222-223: “…Dallas Boyd, who has developed a fascination with Buddhism, theosophy, astrology, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Experiences: Discipline and Quiet

On page 286 of Circle of Life: Traditional Teachings of Native American Elders, James David Audlin talks about attitudes to avoid when one wants to receive a vision: “If we decide in our own minds, ‘I am never going to … Continue reading

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Seeing the Elephant

For my write-up today on Paul Knitter’s No Other Name?  A Critical Survey of Christian Attitudes Toward the World Religions, I’ll comment on points that Knitter makes on page 221 and page 229. On page 221, Knitter states the following: … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”

I have three items for my write-up today on Chapter 7 of David Marshall’s True Son of Heaven: How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture.  This chapter is entitled “Buddha Walks the Silk Road”. 1.  On page 82, Marshall critiques the … Continue reading

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David Marshall: “The Pursuit of Happiness”

For my write-up today on David Marshall’s Jesus and the Religions of Man, I’ll blog about Chapter 8, “The Pursuit of Happiness”.  But I will also bring up things that Marshall has said elsewhere in this book.  Unfortunately, I can’t … Continue reading

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More on Clones

For background, see Altruism and Jesus Clones. Felix links to an article on his blog that criticizes a common Christian claim: that Christians should give up themselves. In “Altruism,” I discussed this in light of altruism. In “Jesus Clones,” I … Continue reading

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Stoic Serenity Prayer

Source: John Sellars, Stoicism (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006) 3. “Nevertheless the result is a powerful summary of Stoic practical philosophy, and the opening chapter perfectly captures the essence of Epictetus’ philosophy as we know it: ‘Of things, some … Continue reading

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On my Christian dating site, someone posted an article that critiqued atheists, particularly Christopher Hitchens and Bill Maher. It cited surveys that showed religious people are healthier and happier than those who are non-religious. In the course of the discussion, … Continue reading

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