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The Actor and the Role

I have the first five seasons of 7th Heaven.  It’s been a year-or-so since I’ve watched the show, but I’m a fan.  And I would say that my favorite character was Eric Camden, the father and pastor.  I liked Annie … Continue reading

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The Genesis Code: Overall Review

I recently watched the Genesis Code, which is a 2010 movie.  The movie explores the question of whether science and Genesis 1 are compatible. I’m glad that I finally got to see it, for I was curious about it when … Continue reading

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Peter Graves, Feminine Mystique 5, Josephus on Women, Post-Exilic Unhewn Stones, Math vs. the Humanities, Unfit for God (Yet Ready or Not!)

1.  I just learned that Peter Graves has passed away.  Peter Graves is known for various roles, but I honor him as Pastor Eric Camden’s father on 7th Heaven, Colonel John Camden. Here are some posts that I wrote about … Continue reading

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Neat vs. Messy Stories

Frederick Copleston, A History of Philosophy, Volume I: Greece and Rome (Westminster: Newman, 1959) 365. Aristotle demands…unity of plot, in the sense of organic, structural unity. The plot must be neither so vast that it cannot be taken in at … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 2009

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, but I’ll be doing my “Top 10 TV Dads” today. (Actually, it’s 11, but I combined two of them, since I admire them for the same reason). 1. Ed Conner (Roseanne) and Martin Crane (Frasier): Both … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day 2009

For Mother’s Day this year, I want to list ten of my favorite television mothers. In many respects, they resemble my own mom in that they love their kids. Enjoy! 1. Annie Camden (7th Heaven): She is feisty and firm … Continue reading

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Fantasy Island

I was doing some reading on Fantasy Island today. Not long ago, I wrote a tribute to Ricardo Montalban, whom I knew from Star Trek and Planet of the Apes movies. A variety of news shows that I watched, however, … Continue reading

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