The Timna mines and the Exodus


Timna is the name the Israelis have given to an archaeological site 15 to 20 miles from the north end of the Gulf of Aqaba. It was a place where copper was mined and smelted. Its Egyptian name was probably Atika. A scribe wrote in the name of Pharaoh Rameses III:

“I sent my emissaries to the land of Atika, to the great copper mines which are there. Their ships carried them along and others went overland on their donkeys. It had not been heard of since the (time of any earlier) king. Their mines were found and (they) yielded copper which was loaded by tens of thousands into their ships, they being sent in their care to Egypt, and arriving safely.” (P. Harris I, 78, 1-4)”

The phrase about the place having not been heard from since the time of any earlier king is both illuminating and obscure. There…

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