An Exodus of children?


If you search online about ancient Egyptian slavery you will find that there is a lot of deconstruction.

The idea that slaves built the pyramids is wrong.  Slavery became more of a thing much later, in the New Kingdom, usually with foreign POWs.

And online articles will tell you that Egyptian slavery was benign compared to what we know from the Roman Empire or pre-Civil War America.

Sometimes it is implied that what the Israelites meant by slavery was actually the temporary conscription of farmers during the Nile flood. They worked on royal building projects during the flood and then returned to the peasant life.

Much of what we know about building and craftsmanship in Egypt comes from the fact that we have detailed records over a long time from the workman’s village near Thebes. Those workers worked on the royal tombs. They received salaries and bonuses and time off…

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