Rescuing a Reputation: The Real Warren Harding (1921-1923)

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Of all the smear campaigns leveled against good presidents, none confound me like those against Warren Harding. He usually ranks in the toilet of mainstream opinion, which is astonishing in light of how popular he was when he died. People saw him as a successful president who returned the country to the peace and prosperity everyone always wants. It was only posthumously that he became smeared — when his sex and graft scandals became highly public.

I won’t even acknowledge the sex scandals. They have no bearing on a presidential record. As for the graft, they are like the ones under Ulysses Grant: blown way out of proportion. There was Teapot Dome (Harding’s Secretary of Interior, Albert Fall, took bribes from oil company executives in return for the companies’ access to government oil reserves), shenanigans at the Department of Justice (Harding’s attorney general, Harry Daugherty, supposedly took bribes not to…

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