Book Write-Up: The Emperor’s Doom, by R.A. Denny

R.A. Denny. The Emperor’s Doom (Tales of Tzoladia, Book 5). 2018. See here to purchase the book.

The Emperor’s Doom is the final book of R.A. Denny’s “Tales of Tzoladia” Christian fantasy series.

The young cat-rider Metlan now reigns as emperor of Tzoladia, having supplanted the evil Zoltov. A plague spreads across the land, taking many lives. And three heroes, plus Metlan, are curious about the treasure to which three seals are prophesied to lead.

The political element is the best part of this book. Metlan tries to appease different factions, and different deities, but staunch followers of the god Adon feel that he should honor Adon alone and get rid of the religions that sacrifice humans. Meanwhile, Metlan deals with his own heritage, since his beloved mother was a worshiper of Adon. Metlan makes a striking political decision, with surprising results.

Metlan is a complicated character. He continually remembers his humble roots, so he does not put on the airs that Zoltov did. Yet, he can be a despot, and he can also be greedy. The end of the book shows where he ends up, in terms of his character. The ending, in this respect, seems somewhat abrupt, but perhaps a rereading of the book would demonstrate hints throughout as to why he ended up as he did.

In terms of spiritual lessons, a paramount one concerns the nature of true treasure.

The end of the book reminds me of the end of the Hobbit (part 3) and Two Towers movies: a force arises from somewhere that enables good to triumph.

I am privileged to have read this series.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. My review is honest.

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