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Church Write-Up: Broken Promises

The pastor’s sermon at this week’s Lenten service was about broken promises. He opened by talking about American poetry. He said that he enjoys the intense poems of Walt Whitman but also the calm poems of Robert Frost. Robert Frost … Continue reading

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Do The Resurrection Accounts Fabricate Evidence? — Triablogue

It’s often suggested that the New Testament accounts of Jesus’ resurrection or the sources they’re based upon faked some of their details to make the resurrection seem more credible. 770 more words via Do The Resurrection Accounts Fabricate Evidence? — Triablogue

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The Kingdom Covenants Part 3: Gentiles in the New Covenant

Originally posted on Fresh Ground Theology:
Finally, we will look at how we, gentile believers, fit into the kingdom program of God. The Author of Hebrews has a lengthy discussion on how Christ came to mediate the New Covenant. Jesus…

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5 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

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