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9 Mistakes That Will Screw Up Your Blog

The Art of Blogging After months or even years of thinking about it, you finally decided to start your own blog. You sat down at your desk, maybe planned for a few hours, gathered your thoughts, and punched the damn … Continue reading

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The Dangers of a Hardened Heart

Originally posted on THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM:
Over the years I have seen a lot of hardened hearts. This doesn’t pertain just to skeptics. Christians can succumb to the same problem. Obviously, when we talk about the heart, we are not literally…

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Is This YOU? — The Art of Blogging

This is an advertisement. I still like this post because I do identify! I won’t spend that much money, but I do think this blogger is on to something, based on what I have read on his blog. He goes … Continue reading

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Ouch! A “professional historian” has something to say about the methods of “biblical scholars” — Vridar

See also the discussion on the comments. He said it, not me: [I]t is appropriate to discuss the questions of when specific texts were written, how the early versions were stacked together, and what their dates of origin may be, … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Eat Your Ps, by William Carter, Jr.

William Carter, Jr. Eat Your Ps. Crosslink, 2018. See here to buy the book. William Carter, Jr. is a pastor and has worked in the Christian music industry. This book discusses seven “P”s of the Christian life: praises, purging, prayers, … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: Willfully Doubting Thomas; Hosea 1:10

Here are some items from today’s church activities: A. The main text was John 21, which contains the story of Doubting Thomas. The youth pastor said that, when we doubt God, that is a good time to come to church, … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned after One Year of The Art of Blogging

Reblogging for future reference: The Art of Blogging It’s been exactly one year since the first post was published on The Art of Blogging. Over the course of 264 posts and 6,858 comments, the folks reading us grew from that … Continue reading

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For Fellow Arminians and Quasi-Arminians (Non-Calvinists): Prevenient Grace — Roger E. Olson

For Fellow Arminians and Quasi-Arminians (Non-Calvinists): Prevenient Grace I recently had a very interesting discussion with a non-Calvinist Baptist theologian and denominational leader. He interviewed me for his podcast about soteriology. 30 more words via For Fellow Arminians and Quasi-Arminians (Non-Calvinists): … Continue reading

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Papias — Vridar

Two very different posts about Papias have recently appeared online. On Bart Ehrman’s blog, Papias and the Writers of the New Testament: Guest Post by Stephen Carlson. 31 more words via Papias — Vridar

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Is Jeffrey Dahmer in Heaven? — Deeper Waters

Can someone who’s a cannibalistic serial killer be with God forever? Let’s plunge into the Deeper Waters and find out. Atheists often like to talk about the atrocities of God in the Bible that they see. 578 more words via Is … Continue reading

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