Book Review: The Reason For God

Edge Induced Cohesion

The Reason For God:  Belief In An Age of Skepticism, by Timothy Keller

This is a book that reveals the mindset of the author.  And, as one might imagine, there are a lot of areas where I think differently than the author does.  He is a pretty typical Hellenistic Christian, and as someone who strives to restore biblical Christianity, there are going to be some differences there.  Yet reading a book like this, which is clearly aimed at least nominally at skeptical audiences, can often be an intellectual exercise where someone sees a skilled apologist handle some obvious objections that are often leveled against Christianity.  Obviously, these kinds of books appeal to Christians for precisely the reasons that they give defeating arguments to objections to the plausibility of Christianity that can then be used by Christians in our own conversations with unbelievers.  In general, this book looks at the question…

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