Book Review: Generous Justice

Edge Induced Cohesion

Generous Justice:  How God’s Grace Makes Us Just, by Timothy Keller

In general, there is a lot to like about this book.  The author has set himself an ambitious goal and manages to achieve it.  In doing so, he manages to discuss many of the false dilemmas that haunt contemporary Christianity when it comes to issues of justice.  In general, conservatives oppose personal sins and liberals oppose social sins, and few people focus on the entire package.  That the author manages to do so without coming off as a community organizer for the Democratic party is worthwhile and suggests at least some of the savvy that allows him to be a fairly traditional Protestant evangelical in New York City, by showing a bit more diversity than most in terms of his approach.  There is, as one might expect, at least a little bit of self-hatred here as the author reflects…

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