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Church Write-Up: Hosea 11:1; the Woman Caught in Adultery

For my Church Write-Up this morning, I will first highlight some items from the pastor’s Sunday School class. The class is about the Book of Hosea, specifically the New Testament’s interpretation of it. Then, I will mention some items from … Continue reading

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Tough Truths About Academic Writing

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Bernie Campaign

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
What bugs me about the Bernie campaign is a constant, unrelenting barrage of emails, texts, and calls soliciting donations that isn’t accompanied by any attempt to explain what’s going to be different this time…

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What’s Critical Theory?

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
Critical theory is a Marxist inspired movement (in social and political philosophy) and approach to the study of society which developed between 1930 and 1970. It is associated with…

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Masturbation: A Conversation

Originally posted on Art of the Christian Ninja:
**Content Warning: This post may be a little graphic.** Seeing the title of this post may be a little surprising to you but it’s a topic that I’ve been meaning to cover…

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Originally posted on Postmillennial Worldview:
PMW 2019-026 by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. In this article I will offer a brief review of an important and helpful new book on the eschatology of Jesus, Jesus and the Future. To paraphrase a…

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What’s “Transcendental Idealism?” (Kantian Metaphysics)

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
Something foundational to many of Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804) ideas is what is referred to as the doctrine of “transcendental idealism.” As a doctrine, it emphasizes a distinction between what…

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Na’aman-lost northern stories

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I read an intriguing short article by Nadav Na’aman called “Discovering the Lost North Israelite Conquest Story”. (See here).  It was part of a festschrift (honorary collection of articles) Rethinking Israel dedicated to Israel Finkelstein. Na’amen…

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10 Popular Misconceptions of Reformed Theology

Originally posted on The Reformed Philosopher:
1. Reformed Theology is a Biblicism In the discipline of Philosophy, epistemology is the study of knowledge: what knowledge is, what counts as knowledge, and the mechanism through which the person apprehends knowledge. The…

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Book Write-Up: On Writing, by Stephen King

Stephen King. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Pocket Books, 2000. See here to buy the book. Stephen King is a renowned author of fiction, particularly in the horror and paranormal genres. This is a book about the craft … Continue reading

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