Introverted Evangelism – not an oxymoron!

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It has been a while, but I have blogged twice about introverts and evangelism:
Introverted Evangelism -and- The Introverts Strike Back. 

See those posts to get the idea, but too often only extroverted evangelism methods are seen as the ideal. Introverts are forced into methods that do not work for them or made to feel defunct, but the opposite is not the case. Rarely are extroverts pressured to try introverted evangelism styles or made to feel useless!

For today’s post …I wanted to share recent evangelism opportunities.

As mentioned in the one post, I have the old-fashioned hobby of postal pen pals. (Yes, people still do this!) One of my pen pals is a unique situation. We don’t exchange handwritten letters but cassette tapes where we record our thoughts. This is a blind Japanese woman. I know there are more modern ways we could communicate, but cassette tape…

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