Fredriksen-Paul’s Jesus as end-time prophet


The winter vacation is over.  Missouri is still frozen.  But I escaped for a while.

This is the year of our fiftieth wedding anniversary.  So we plan to break up the year with several celebrations. This may slow down my blogging on occasion.

Now on to my next reading project. . . I have been reading Paula Fredriksen’s Paul, The Pagans’ Apostle.

Fredriksen is among those who see the historical Jesus as an apocalyptic prophet. Specifically, she believes Jesus was executed because he had brought a message of an immediate world-ending divine intervention. This had caused the kind of mass excitement that the Roman and Jewish authorities found threatening.

But then, however you explain this, the disciples of Jesus reported experiencing Christophanies or appearances of Jesus as risen from death. As the reports from the first Pentecost event after his death show, this only intensified the apocalyptic excitement. More Jews…

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