The Trajectory of Neoliberalism in the US

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In the US, Republicans were the original champions of neoliberalism. Reagan was the first completely and fanatically neoliberal president. He aggressively exported neoliberal policies around the world. As one of the consequences of his neoliberal fanaticism, he was deeply committed to destroying the welfare state and opening borders. The Reagan Amnesty of 1986 is a clear example of that.

Democrats originally resisted neoliberalism. They were for welfare and worker rights. Recently, however, the leftist wing of the party embraced neoliberalism and started promoting its agenda fully and aggressively.

In the meantime, a small faction of the Republican party has gotten disillusioned with neoliberalism and now favors stepping back from it, at least to a degree.

Currently, we are seeing a confrontation between the outdated neoliberalism of the second half of the twentieth century that most Republican politicians cling to in spite of their base’s growing disgust with it and an…

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