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Church Write-Up: I Corinthians 13

At the LCMS Bible study, the topic was I Corinthians 13. Here are some items: A. The pastor started by talking about the Hebrew word for love, “ahav.” He said that it covers various kinds of love, but it always … Continue reading

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Waco (the background story) — Vridar

James Haught of Daylight Atheism has posted the historical pathway that led to the Branch Davidians and the Waco disaster beginning from the Millerite movement of 1843 and 1844. The Story Behind Waco’s Tragedy It’s a story of dashed idealism, … Continue reading

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The Best Arguments for and against the Gospels — Triablogue complete transcript. via The Best Arguments for and against the Gospels — Triablogue

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Church Write-Up: One Body, Codex Sinaiticus

Here are some items from the LCMS church activities last Sunday: A. The pastor told a couple of notable anecdotes. One was about an elderly woman who was angry at Jesus for forgiving the thief on the cross and letting … Continue reading

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Acts 1:14 and 2:46 – “Of One Mind”

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In the days leading up to Pentecost, Luke describes the disciples of Jesus as being of “one mind.” This nouns (ὁμοθυμαδόν) is repeated in 2:46 (translated simply as “together” in the ESV) and 4:24 to…

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Bona fide offer — Triablogue

A snippet from FacebookElliottThey also face the problems of explaining why it is coherent to say that God loves everyone…HaysCalvinists don’t necessarily say God loves everyone.Elliott…and that the Gospel is genuinely offered to all people if divine determinism is true … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Swords and Plowshares, by Timothy D. Padgett

Timothy D. Padgett. Swords and Plowshares: American Evangelicals on War, 1937-1973. Lexham, 2018. See here to purchase the book. Timothy D. Padgett has a Ph.D. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. The back cover of the book sardonically asks, “Evangelicals are … Continue reading

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