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Church Write-Up: St. Nicholas

At the LCMS church, the service was lessons and carols. We did not have an actual sermon, but an allusion to Philippians 1:6 encouraged me: He who began a good work in you will see it to completion until the … Continue reading

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Book Write-Up: Flame in the Night, by Holland C. Kirbo

Holland C. Kirbo. Flame in the Night. Illadian Publishing, 2018. See here to buy the book. Flame in the Night is the first book of the “Legends of Aewyr” fantasy series. Lakyn is the protagonist of this book. Her family … Continue reading

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Did Jesus “Sort” People? — Roger E. Olson

Did Jesus “Sort” People? According to a mainline Protestant pastor, writing a guest column in a local newspaper, there is “overwhelming evidence” that Jesus did not require faith statements from individuals. The essay is pointedly against “sorting” people—even within churches. … Continue reading

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Does the Holy Spirit Make You a Moral Superhero?

Does the Holy Spirit Make You a Moral Superhero?

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Taking a break from church — Triablogue this article, Maxwell makes some good points. That said:i) Losing confidence in Christianity ought to erode confidence in values generally. Indeed, the logical link between faith and value is a reason to maintain commitment to Christianity. ii) Especially if … Continue reading

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Addressing S. Gathercole’s for Jesus’ “Humanity” continued: Misrepresentations (#4) — Vridar

A frequent line of argument by scholars and others attempting to “prove” the historicity of a Jesus behind the gospel narratives is to focus on biblical passages pointing to the “humanity” of Jesus, and sometimes his geographical and temporal location. … Continue reading

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Millgram-giving Elijah (and Ahab) a seat at the table

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
It is time to finish up with Hillel Millgram’s The Elijah Enigma. In a postscript to the book, he talks about the myth of Elijah that continued in Judaism. This had already started before Kings was…

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My mom’s salvation testimony — Enough Light

On New Year’s Eve my mom is giving her testimony of how she became a Christian. In this post I share it with you. It reminded me of some concerns I shared in a past post entitled: Is Salvation a … Continue reading

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Prayer shawls — Triablogue

On Facebook I got into a discussion about whether 1 Cor 11 requires all Christian women to don a prayer shawl in church. 1. Church history is not the context of Paul’s statement. Many Christians who insist that Christian women … Continue reading

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The smartest person who ever lived

Originally posted on Epistle of Dude:
(William Sidis at his Harvard graduation in 1914.) William James Siddis (1898-1944) was perhaps the smartest person who ever lived. Estimates of his IQ range between 250 and 300. At eighteen months he could…

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