Book Review: Bacher’s Tradition And Traditionalists

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Edge Induced Cohesion

Bacher’s Tradition And Traditionalists In The Schools Of Palestine And Babylon, by Jacob Zallel Lauterbach

I can imagine few more Nathanish tasks than reviewing a book review that it itself a fragmentary review material of various aspects of the Mishnah and Talmud.  As this is a book review, it is not a long work at all, only about twelve pages or so on a small page.  Even the style of Lauterbach [1] in writing a book review is not very unlike my own, in that the book consists of a critical approach that is pretty direct about the shortcomings of the book that is being reviewed while also giving honor and credit to the author and his intention, which was cut short by his death before his work could be complete.  There is thus something poignant about this book in the fact that it is a review of a book…

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