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Book Review: A More Perfect Heaven

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A More Perfect Heaven:  How Copernicus Revolutionized The Cosmos, by Dava Sobel My feelings about this book and the author’s approach are somewhat complicated and ambivalent.  On the one hand, the book does a…

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Book Review: The Glass Universe

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The Glass Universe:  How The Ladies Of The Harvard Observatory Took The Measure Of The Stars, by Dava Sobel When I was a tenth grade student taking AP European History, the document based question…

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Growing Up in Working Class Youngstown — Dr. Leslie S. Domonkos

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Leslie Domonkos, Source unknown I grew up disliking history. Up through high school, history had largely been presented to me as a series of events, dates to be memorized, and important people. All this,…

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The Speck in Your Own Eye – Matthew 7:3-5

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In order to illustrate the problem with judging others. Jesus uses a humorous, even absurd, exaggeration. It makes no sense to condemn someone’s small error if you have a larger error in your own life.…

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Random Stories

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
I went out with colleagues and students last night. Had a great time, the students are wonderful and very different in civilian life than in class. But I’m looking at them and thinking, “God,…

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Jim Wallis debates Jay Richards on Christianity and economics

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In this post, I have the video of a debate on the topic of what Christians should think about economics and economic policies. In addition to the video, I summarized the two opening speeches and…

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The Venezuelan Tragedy Shows Why Workers and Capitalists Should Be Allies in the Fight against Statism

Originally posted on International Liberty:
I periodically explain that labor and capital are the two factors of production and that our prosperity depends on how efficiently they are allocated. But I probably don’t spend enough time highlighting how they are…

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Amazon, and America’s Real Divide — Robert Reich

While America was fixated on the most tumultuous midterm election in modern history, Amazon… via Amazon, and America’s Real Divide — Robert Reich

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Current Events Write-Up: Elections, the Caravan, Health Care, Odd Political Bedfellows, Whitewashing the Vietnam War

Time for this week’s Current Events Write-Up. Some of these items will be reruns, since I posted or reblogged them earlier this week. Elections The Federalist: “What’s Behind Educated, Suburban Women Flipping to Democrats,” by Denise C. McAllister. McAllister’s answer … Continue reading

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Billionaire Logic and the Death of JFK / 2 — — Vridar

This is part 2 of the interview with John Curington. See Billionaire Logic and the Death of JFK for the introduction and background this series. (Greg Doudna has posted a link to the full interview on his academia.edu page.) It … Continue reading

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