Soulen-Egypt and all nations


R. Kendall Soulen in The God of Israel and Christian Theology gives us some biblical interpretation worth pondering.

To restate something I have already covered, he says that the theme of creation is blessing. God created us to spread his blessing. But this blessing takes a particular form in the family descended from Abraham.

The pivotal verse is Genesis 12 :3 where God says to Abraham either “in you all the families or the earth shall be blessed” or “by you all the families of the earth shall bless themselves.”

Soulen connects blessing with God’s ultimate intention for humankind. The idea of Genesis, according to him, is that God will bring about his intention for all people through mutual blessing that needs to include Israel as a particular people with a divinely given role.

In a very intriguing way, he brings out how Genesis lets Egypt stand for the families…

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