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There Is Mercy In Heaven, But The Road To It Is Paved By Our Merciful Acts On Earth — Experimental Theology

Reblogging for future reference: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” My brothers and sisters, sweet is the thought of mercy, but even more so is mercy itself. It is what all men hope for, but unfortunately, not … Continue reading

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What is a Perfect Trait? The Prelapsarian Paradise in Our Own Eyes

Originally posted on Naturalis Historia:
Creationist’ literature can be baffling to read at times. It isn’t just common misunderstandings of science and theology but sometimes it’s the feeling you get that they haven’t thought through the implications of what they…

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“Christians live in their respective countries, but only as resident aliens; they participate in all things as citi­zens, and they endure all things as foreigners”

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For Christians are no different from other people in terms of their country, language, or customs. Nowhere do they inhabit cities of their own, use a strange dialect, or live life out of the ordinary.…

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Soulen–Karl Rahner’s existential toward God

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The book I am blogging about is The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Here R. Kendall Soulen sees in Karl Rahner’s concept of the “supernatural existential” a way forward toward a better way of telling…

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Do Not Be Anxious – Matthew 6:25

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How is it possible not to worry about tomorrow? Some people are more prone to worry than others, so that reading this passage will make you feel a little guilty for being anxious (or overly…

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The centrality of God’s love: A response to Greg Boyd’s Cross Vision (Part 2: An assessment)

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Ted Grimsrud—November 6, 2018  Greg Boyd’s book, Cross Vision: How the Crucifixion of Jesus Makes Sense of Old Testament Violence (Fortress Press, 2017), deserves praise simply for being a book of serious theological scholarship with an…

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3 Things You May Not Know about C. S. Lewis

Originally posted on Reflections:
C. S. Lewis may have been the most important Christian thinker of the twentieth century. His modern classic Mere Christianity was the first Christian book I ever read back in my early college days. And that book played…

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