A Dialogue Concerning The Resurrections

Edge Induced Cohesion

[Note:  For the record, neither of these are stand-ins for the author, though both speak as the author does on occasion, in the elevated manner of a formal scholarly disputation.]

Tertius – I saw you shaking your head at both of the recent messages by our pastor emeritus.

Segundo – What of it?

Tertius – I took your head-shaking as a sign of skepticism about the messages.

Segundo – Again, what of it?  Surely you know I actively listen to any message that happens, unless I happen to be more interested in what is going on on my smartphone than in the message, which admittedly happens sometimes.

Tertius – But you seemed to shake your head in particular at mentions of the third resurrection.

Segundo – Again, I don’t see the point of your finger-wagging.  Do you have some kind of point to make here?

Tertius – Only that it…

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