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Richard Baxter on Navigating Friendships

I have felt this way. And I have been this way! “Thy friends here have been thy delight, and have they not also been thy vexation and grief? They are gracious, and are they not also sinful? They are kind, … Continue reading

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Shame on Sarah Lawrence College

Originally posted on Clarissa's Blog:
I’m definitely glad I didn’t go work there: After penning an op-ed for The New York Times decrying the ideological homogeneity of his campus administration, a conservative-leaning professor at Sarah Lawrence College discovered intimidating…

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Church Write-Up: Grace-Filled SoM?; New Class on Incarnation; Cornelius Lacking

Time for this week’s Church Write-Up about last Sunday’s services. A. At the LCMS church, the pastor’s sermon was about the beatitudes in Matthew 5. He was offering a spiritualized, grace-oriented interpretation of them. Those who come to God with … Continue reading

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A Dialogue Concerning The Resurrections

Originally posted on Edge Induced Cohesion:
[Note:  For the record, neither of these are stand-ins for the author, though both speak as the author does on occasion, in the elevated manner of a formal scholarly disputation.] Tertius – I saw…

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