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Intermittent miracles — Triablogue

One of the puzzling features of the Christian life is the uneven and unpredictable distribution of divine interventions. Why does God perform a miracle for one Christian but not another? 454 more words via Intermittent miracles — Triablogue

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Election Was Barth’s Hook: Contra the Five Point Calvinists and the Absolutum Decretum

via Election Was Barth’s Hook: Contra the Five Point Calvinists and the Absolutum Decretum

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The Myth of Jewish Pining for Return to Palestine — Vridar

For readers interested in a few notes from The Pity of It All by historian Amos Elon. Herzl envisaged a modern Exodus organized on a “scientific” basis. 32 more words via The Myth of Jewish Pining for Return to Palestine — … Continue reading

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Literacies in the Roman World

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
A few decades ago, it became fashionable in some scholarly circles, including NT/Christian Origins, to hold the view that in the Roman period there was an extremely low level of literacy, and that…

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October 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

Originally posted on Pursuing Veritas:
Welcome to the October 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival—and Happy All Saints’ Day! I’m honored to be hosting this honorable event on this sacred day of remembering all those who have gone before in faith. Before…

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How to Stop Feeling Alone in a Room Full of People

Originally posted on Brandon J. Adams:
We all can feel alone even when surrounded by our greatest fans. You probably know how this goes. Moments come where we feel something unshareable, something that seems to set us apart from the gathering. It might be a pain,…

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Christian…what will you read?

Originally posted on Enough Light:
Will you read a book by an individual who had some type of near death experience and claims to have experienced heaven – But not a book that thoughtfully and carefully considers what the Bible…

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Why Anti-Muslim hostility is comparable to Anti-Semitism — Vridar

Justifying a view of Muslims as essentially untrustworthy and potentially violent by quoting the Koran has an interesting historical analog. In 1700 Johann Andreas Eisenmenger collated and published a comprehensive account of the reasons Jews posed a threat to Christian … Continue reading

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Military Escalation in Europe Is Like Runaway Train: It’s Time to Slow It Down — OffGuardian

This is the first of the two articles we are publishing today on NATO’s Trident Juncture 2018 military exercise being held October 25-November 7, 2018. by Arkady Savitsky, October 29, 2018, via Strategic Culture Much has been said about the … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: Revelation 7:9-17

Here are some items for my Church Write-Up about last Wednesday’s LCMS Bible study. A. One of our texts was Revelation 7:9-17. The pastor talked about how the constellations were believed to tell stories, and he said that the Book … Continue reading

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