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Bolsheviks Crush the Socialist Press

Originally posted on People's War:
The central of our party, the Workers’ Gazette, has been forcibly shut down, along with other papers, by the Military Revolutionary Committee. But the Bolsheviks have not stopped at this. After our new central…

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Transcending World Order Regressions? 

Originally posted on Global Justice in the 21st Century:
?   [Prefatory Note: Initially published by Transcend Media Service, Oct. 29, 2018; the piece is dedicated to the memory of my cherished friend Marc Nerfin, whose creativity, social grace, progressive…

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Fasting in the Ancient World – Matthew 6:16-18

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Of the three disciplines in Matthew 6:1-18, fasting is the most difficult because evangelical Christians have been hesitant to participate in fasts. For most, they would prefer a good potluck to a fast! However, fasting…

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gab.com & the Great Purge on the Horizon — OffGuardian

gab.com is an alternative social network, set up and launched in 2016. It’s founder, Andrew Torba, stated he wanted to create a home for free speech, and counter what he perceived as “liberal bias” on other platforms, such as twitter … Continue reading

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‘Martin Luther’s Hedonism’: The Role of the Affections in the Blood of the Cross

via ‘Martin Luther’s Hedonism’: The Role of the Affections in the Blood of the Cross

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Halloween and Samhain: Eves of Transformation

Originally posted on Mythology Matters:
In a lecture about Halloween back in 1981, the mythologist Joseph Campbell argued that this holiday “gives us a chance to exercise our imagination – to bring out . . . some of the structuring…

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Holocaust revisionists and the “fake gas chamber” in Auschwitz I

Originally posted on Malcolm Nicholson:
There were three camps in Auschwitz – the original main camp, Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II or Birkenau, and Auschwitz III or Monowitz. The first gassings in Auschwitz took place in a gas chamber in Auschwitz…

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Ethnic churches — Triablogue

From time to time I still run across complaints about racially homogenous churches. For instance, David Platt lamented that in his MLK 50 sermon. Platt’s a humble lovable guy, but he’s off-the-mark here. There are different reasons ethnic churches exist:1. … Continue reading

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Sarah Sanders on the Media

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Light of the World

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