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Forgive us Our Debts – Matthew 6:12

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
For the small time farmers and day laborers who listened to Jesus in Galilee, forgiveness of debt was a serious issue. Just like today, farmers often need to take loans in order to plant a…

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Derek Leman on the Akedah (Genesis 22)

Derek Leman’s Daily Portion today comments on the Akedah story in Genesis 22. Here are his comments: SPOTLIGHT God wants to know. He gives Abraham a terrible test, the worst. What kind of god asks his devoted follower to sacrifice … Continue reading

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Current Events Write-Up: Arms Control

The only article I feel like sharing for this week’s Current Events Write-Up is this blog post on arms control. I was wondering why Trump wants to cancel that nuclear agreement with Russia, and this blog post showed up on … Continue reading

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Rome’s and Israel’s Ancestor Traditions: How Do We Explain the Similarities? — Vridar

. Russell Gmikin’s Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible led me to another work, one cited by Gmirkin, Weinfeld, Moshe. 1993. The Promise of the Land: The Inheritance of the Land of Canaan by the Israelites. Berkeley: University … Continue reading

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