Caravan vs Healthcare

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the caravan hysteria is no accident: creating a climate of hatred is how Republicans avoid talking about health care. What we’re seeing in this election is a kind of culmination of the strategy the right has been using for decades: distract working-class voters from policies that hurt them by promoting culture war….

The caravan is the last thing I fret about these days but I like to stay informed, so I went on Fox News yesterday on purpose to see how the caravan was covered.

It’s true that Fox covers it relentlessly, obsessively, and hysterically. It’s also obvious that it’s a ploy to rile up the voters before the midterm. But that’s not the whole truth. What Krugman says in the quote above is either uninformed or dishonest, and I believe it’s the latter since I found out what’s really going on by simply switching the channel.


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