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Civilized Societies Don’t Call It Censorship, but Copyright — naked capitalism

Why the European Copyright Directive would have a disastrous impact on the Internet, and what can be done to stop it. via Civilized Societies Don’t Call It Censorship, but Copyright — naked capitalism

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Give Us Today Our Daily Bread – Matthew 6:11

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
In the context of the ministry of Jesus, this is a prayer for the needs of the individual. Frequently “our daily bread” is made into “spiritual bread” or a sacrament, but that is not what…

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A Look at “What’s stopping Jordan Peterson from rejecting Jesus’ resurrection?”

Originally posted on THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM:
Jordan Peterson is a big hit with young men. Trust me, I know! I have done campus ministry for a long time and have seen his impact on that age group.  Most recently, an article…

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8 Things Guaranteed To Make Readers Angry

Originally posted on Bethany House Fiction:
There are certain topics and actions that will almost universally set all booklovers off. Oh, some will have different levels of anger—see my handy scale below—but if you’re a dedicated reader, you probably share…

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Soulen-blessing through others

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
The story Christians tell is often one that moves from the brokenness of sin and separation from God to redemption and reconciliation. It is like the story a recovering alcoholic may tell of reaching rock bottom…

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Akeidah Moments

Originally posted on moderntoraleadership:
by Rabbi Aryeh Klapper Fathers are not supposed to sacrifice their sons, even if they think G-d is telling them to do so. Please seek psychiatric care immediately if you think G-d is telling you that.…

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Miracles of the Day of Atonement

Originally posted on Wascana Fellowship:
? As I was researching the Day of Atonement I was struck by a memory of information from a previous unrelated search that relates to events that happened on the Day of Atonement in history. A…

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