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Thy Kingdom Come – Matthew 6:10

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Jesus teaches his disciples to pray for God’s kingdom and rule to come in this world and for his will to be done in this world. This part of the prayer acknowledges the world is…

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Dr. Charles S. Price: From Skeptic to Pentecostal Evangelist

Originally posted on Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center:
This Week in AG History —October 24, 1931 By Darrin J. Rodgers Originally published on AG News, 25 October 2018 Dr. Charles S. Price (1887-1947), pastor of the theologically liberal First Congregational Church…

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The Objects of Knowledge

via The Objects of Knowledge

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Giving the outsider test a failing mark — Triablogue

It’s been many years since I commented on John Loftus’s outsider test of faith. His position went through various permutations. The book is supposed to be the definitive version, so I was reading his book recently. 1,104 more words via Giving … Continue reading

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A Helpful Solution to Italy’s Budget Standoff with the European Commission

Originally posted on International Liberty:
I’ve warned many times that Italy is the next Greece. Simply stated, there’s a perfect storm of bad news. Government is far too big, debt is too high, and the economy is too sclerotic. I’ve…

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Inside the Mind of the Alt-Right – Review of “The Strange Death of Europe”

Originally posted on Whistling In The Wind:
The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray is a strange, sensational and almost hysterical book. The very first line is “Europe is committing suicide” and the core premise of the book is…

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The Crumbling Architecture of Nuclear Arms Control — naked capitalism

A useful backgrounder on nuclear arms control and why the system is coming unglued. via The Crumbling Architecture of Nuclear Arms Control — naked capitalism

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Saved By Faith, Hope, and Love — Experimental Theology

Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved … Continue reading

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Church Write-Up: Martin Freedom; Festival of Lights; Conservatism and Language; John 8

Here are some items from last Wednesday’s LCMS Bible study. A. Reformation Sunday is coming up, so the pastor gave us a brief history of Reformation Day and the events that it commemorates. Initially, the pastor narrated, Martin Luther was … Continue reading

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