Soulen–Barth, Rahner and missed possibilities


R. Kendall Soulen, in The God of Israel and Christian Theology talks about how in the mid to late 20th century the two Karls, Barth and Rahner, attempted to modify the standard Christian model.

Both of them were responding to the thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher. Schleiermacher had advocated a radically Christ-centered theology. And yet his theology had been very much human-centered in that he started with the human consciousness or feeling of dependence and saw it as moving to fulfillment in the one man, Jesus Christ. In the process, Schleiermacher had  focused on universal history and skipped over God’s history with Israel.

Barth also adopted a radically Christocentric theology. But Barth talked more about the Jewishness of Jesus. God had elected the Jew, Jesus, from the foundation of the world. So the creation and the history of the covenant were really the history of God’s election of Jesus as consummator and…

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