NYTimes: The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion

via NYTimes: The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion

I liked this part of the article:

Mounk argues that

a majority of Americans is horrified by hate speech; disgusted by the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants; and committed to the fight against sexual harassment. But a majority of Americans also feels that ‘call-out culture’ often attacks people for innocent mistakes and that some attempts to remedy racism actually serve to divide the country further along racial lines.

Strategically, Mounk contends,

If Democrats couch their fight against the evident injustices that still persist in our country in universal language that has deep roots in the American tradition, they have a good chance of winning elections — and making a real difference for the most vulnerable members of our society. If, on the contrary, they become captured in language games that are only understood by the most political and best educated progressive activists, they are likely to alienate a lot of potential supporters — including a large number of women and people of color.

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