Soulen-Jews and Christians beyond PC


I am re-reading R. Kendall Soulen’s The God of Israel and Christian Theology.

Soulen makes four preliminary points to his alternative to replacement theology.

First, he says that the motive for opposing such theology must have to do with theological truth. It has to come from more than just a Christian recoiling from the past treatment of Jews.

Second, he says that in order to discuss the problem, we have to have a serious conversation with Jewish theology. Here he finds most helpful the work of the late Orthodox Jewish theologian, Michael Wyschogrod. I have a post about Wyschogrod here.

Wyschogrod treated the difference between Jews and Christians concerning the incarnation of Jesus as a difference about the story they each tell about the same God. Christians include the story of the incarnation.  Jews do not. But we are talking about the same God and the same…

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