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Beyond Family Love

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The Truth About the Trump Economy — Robert Reich

I keep hearing that although Trump is a scoundrel or worse, at least he’s presiding over a great… via The Truth About the Trump Economy — Robert Reich

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Extraterritoriality by the U.S. Government Could Weaken the Dollar and Backfire against the American Economy

Originally posted on International Liberty:
When Trump imposes protectionist trade barriers, he doesn’t realize that the harm imposed on other nations is matched by damage to the U.S. economy. As I warn in this interview, something similar could happen if…

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Mesopotamian Mondays: Multiple Creation Myths

Originally posted on The Biblical Review:
Creation myths in ancient Mesopotamia explain why things exist in the way that they exist. This is also known as a cosmogony. For example, in a text by Plato, “a divine demiurge (craftsman)… transforms…

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Soulen-Jews and Christians beyond PC

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
I am re-reading R. Kendall Soulen’s The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Soulen makes four preliminary points to his alternative to replacement theology. First, he says that the motive for opposing such theology must have…

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Church Write-Up: Finishing I John Class

For my Church Write-Up today, I will post items from the LCMS Sunday School class. The pastor was completing his series on I John. A. I John 5:16 states: “If any man see his brother sin a sin which is … Continue reading

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