Theistic Personalism and the Erosion of Classical Christian Theism

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Readers of Eclectic Orthodoxy know that Calvinism is, to put it mildly, “beyond my sympathies” (to use a phrase that Tolkien liked). But there are Calvinist theologians out there from which we can learn a great deal. Dr James Dolezal is one of them. He is a vigorous defender of what is called today “classical theism.” In these two lectures he articulates the classical understanding of divine immutability and simplicity and warns us of the dangers of what he describes as theistic personalism. I do not, of course, have any problems with emphasizing the personal nature of God—one cannot remain faithful to the Scriptures and do otherwise—nor do I have any problems with speaking of God as person, as many modern Orthodox theologians like to do, though this raises interesting questions regarding the Trinity. There are ways to speak in these ways without compromising the orthodox understanding of divinity. But…

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