Gary Rendsburg and the sons of Jacob


Gary Rendsburg is a scholar of Hebrew linguistics who collaborated with Cyrus H. Gordon on a book in the 1990s, The Bible and the Ancient Near East.

(Gordon is an enigma. He was brilliant. He worked in the army as a cryptographer during World War II. He helped to crack Nazi codes. This skill he brought to the study of ancient history by helping to decipher the Minoan Linear A language. He also studied in the original languages the texts discovered at Ugarit, Ebla, and Nuzi and the Amarna letters. But when he sought to synthesize it all, he proposed some very unlikely theories. He became close friends with John Phillip Cohane, who held even more unlikely theories.)

One of the interesting things Gordon and Rendsburg proposed was to take the genealogies of the Bible seriously.

Many conservatives calculate the dates of the patriarchs or the exodus using the…

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