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Historical French & English Apologetics

Originally posted on Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy:
As many readers of this blog will know, apologetics is the art of defending and justifying a specific point of view. Clearly then one can be an apologist for…

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Review of: Fear: Trump in the White House, by Bob Woodward

Originally posted on Regarp Book Blog:
I can think of no greater example of cognitive dissonance than my recent experience of alternating between reading a biography of James Madison by David O. Stewart, and Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear: Trump…

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Making Oaths in the Jewish World – Matthew 5:33-37

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
The Law permitted swearing oaths. In Matthew 5:33, Jesus quotes the first part of Leviticus 19:12 along with Numbers 30:2 and (possibly) Deuteronomy 23:21. Oaths were used in both legal and religious contexts. A promise…

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Gary Rendsburg and the sons of Jacob

Originally posted on theoutwardquest:
Gary Rendsburg is a scholar of Hebrew linguistics who collaborated with Cyrus H. Gordon on a book in the 1990s, The Bible and the Ancient Near East. (Gordon is an enigma. He was brilliant. He worked…

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An [onto]Relational Rather than Metaphysical Doctrine of Sin: An Altar-Call for Metaphysics — The Evangelical Calvinist

One reason I am continuously enamored with Thomas Torrance (and have been for years now) is because he has this knack for being able to mediate, well, between various periods and lexicons of ecclesial ideational development; in other words, he … Continue reading

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Review: Elizabeth Warren

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
Elizabeth Warren, Antonia Felix. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2018 Summary: A biography of the Democrat U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, from the financial struggles of her family, her academic life and the research that changed her life,…

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Book Review: The Belgic Confession Of Faith And The Canons Of Dordt

Originally posted on Edge Induced Cohesion:
The Belgic Confession Of Faith and The Canons Of Dordt, by Joel R. Beeke I must admit that I found this very brief (4 page) work to be highly entertaining, although I suspect it…

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