The Polar Bear Test—An Identification Key of Christian Views of Origins

Naturalis Historia

YEC, GT, AoA, OEC, ID, PC, EC, TE? These acronyms refer to theistic models of earth’s biological and physical history.  Do you know which models each of these letter combinations refer to? If so, do you know which one best characterizes your view?

If you don’t—or if you don’t know, or are not sure, into which category your beliefs fit —take the polar bear test and identify which model of biological origins best reflects your understanding and beliefs of how God created biological diversity.

An arctic polar bear mother with her two cubs.  By Susanne Miller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Look at either polar bear cub above and ask yourself: What is the origin of this polar bear? All Christians agree that this polar bear was created by God, but how? We can all agree that this particular polar bear cub had parents that…

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