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Always Active, Always at Rest

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Review: The Aging Brain

Originally posted on Bob on Books:
The Aging Brain, Timothy R. Jennings, MD. Grand Rapids, Baker Books, 2018. Summary: A discussion of the causes of aging and brain deterioration and the lifestyle measures that can be taken to avert or delay…

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The Polar Bear Test—An Identification Key of Christian Views of Origins

Originally posted on Naturalis Historia:
YEC, GT, AoA, OEC, ID, PC, EC, TE? These acronyms refer to theistic models of earth’s biological and physical history.  Do you know which models each of these letter combinations refer to? If so, do…

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The Absolute Freedom of the Simple Life

Originally posted on Eclectic Orthodoxy:
In the preceding article, “An Utterly Simple State of Affairs,” we were left with questions about divine freedom: specifically, if the act of creation of essential to the divine being, as Hugh McCann claims, how…

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What Kavanaugh Could Have Said That Would Have Been Honest

Originally posted on AwayPoint:
The most serious lie, and it is one Kavanaugh is telling himself, is that he actually knows what went on that night. One thing I learned as a psychotherapist is that we tend to believe the…

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Kavanaugh, Young and Old

Originally posted on northierthanthou:
Is it still hypocrisy if your contradictions are separated from one another by decades of your own life? If a moment of ‘yes’ and another moment of ‘no’ have enough time between them, does that mean…

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To Be Human is To Be Chosen: Theological Anthropology in a Reformed Key

Originally posted on Dogmatic Joy:
“To be determined by God’s election is really the final mystery of every human life.” –Karl Barth “What is your life?” –James 4:14 One of the preeminent questions which confronts every thinking person is this:…

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