An Utterly Simple State of Affairs

Eclectic Orthodoxy

If God is the Absolute who stops all the bucks, the answer to our most profound existential and metaphysical questions, then he must be characterized by an absence of parts and potency; otherwise, classical theists maintain, we would still find ourselves asking for an explanation for either his composition (what brought you together? where did these properties come from?) or the realizations of his potentiality (what made you change?). Yet if this is true, how do we reconcile this divine simplicity with God’s personal identity and freedom? R. T. Mullins flatly states:

Could God have refrained from creating the universe? If God is free then it seems that the answer is obviously ‘yes.’ He could have existed alone. Yet, God did create the universe. If there is a possible world in which God exists alone, God is not simple. He eternally has unactualized potential for He cannot undo His act…

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